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    Foot massage, body massage easier than done, and in a short time and is as effective as full-body massage . Traditional Thai medicine , Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine is the perfect blend of . Thai medicine , Ayurved marma points of the tridosha , nutrition, yoga , movement and massage to Hinduism , from the elements in Chinese medicine , yin and yang , through the meridians , herbal medicine dates back to .

    Thai foot massage, body massage movements form part of the traditional Thai medicine . Understanding of the importance of massage for healing and lifestyle are very common in the east . The healing power of touch , energy centers and the use of lines , medicinal oil mixture and Thai foot massage with certain strokes are very special and unique . Holistic ( holistic ) thinking, the human body constantly changing , dynamic energy system is considered . Chinese "Chi" , Indian " prana", the Tibetans " Lung- gum ", the Japanese " Sakia -tundra " and Westerners " life energy" they call this energy the eastern tradition , according to the creator of all forces is a part of . Other peculiar ways , such as circulation paths , channels and a definite flow direction every living cell in the body has a nature that could have . In Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic , the smooth flowing , stable scattered energy into the body , forms the basis of health . There are 12 meridians according to the Chinese from the body .

    These lung, colon, stomach, spleen / pancreas, heart , small intestine , bladder, kidney , blood circulation, hormones , gallbladder and liver meridians . Each meridian organ located in the area as they are in relationship with each other , each meridian is a spouse or partner has a different meridians . Hence the energy channels , i.e., in the body through circulating meridians , an energy relation between organs occurs. In Thai medicine meridians "You " is the definition of line and shows many similarities with the meridian flow . Applied to body or foot massage "you" would follow the contours of the body by stimulating the flow of energy and healing power is revealed .

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