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    Shiatsu means finger to suppress , the location precisely the point specified treatment methods for diseases of the skin is pressing down firmly . This chica 's life energy , called meridians, and clearly defined which flows through channels in the body is based on the theory . There are fourteen main meridians ; each of which , near the organ to be associated path if not an explicit statement , one of the major organs of the body and related effects and functions of the organ .

    Shiatsu, is a method of treatment to this point by pressing diseases .Shiatsu, helps to eliminate many diseases , which should be the energy balance in the body , making the body's own healing mechanisms are mobilized . When clearly understood the concept of the meridians of the body, how the different parts to be associated with each other easily occur. I buzz every part of the body meridians as highways this imgeyl dreams and a tightness or pain in the area , another place on the same meridian could point out how the problem is easier to understand .

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