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    Derived from plant extracts prepared from mixtures A massage is a method of using massage oils . This massage the attention , tempo and intensity of the movements of the light is low . Soothing, relaxing massage is a relaxing and functionality . The resulting effect of this massage as well as the contact made ​​with the chemical properties of the oil is applied . For purposes of the difference obtained with oils and massage oils being mix is applied .With kernel oil ( essential oils ) the massage , the skin surface temperature and more intense muscle and joint pain and poor circulation disorders would be very helpful .

    Pleasant smell of aromatic kernel oil , is also very effective on physical distress emotional origin . With kernel oil can be relieved breath , calm down and slow down people can feel better about themselves . Aromatherapy, massage provides maximum improvement of the property . Our brain, with different signals from different sources , such as smell and touch constantly stimulated in a good way . People are pampered with a sense of self as seen and relax , rest , purification and find balance .

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