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    Get rid of cellulite from the body 's most effective and easiest way to get a massage from experienced hands are going through . I also do a diet containing plenty of fluids if you have cellulite really is history ! We can give you this trust easily . Unwanted orange peel in fact only preparing for the summer , not winter well on entering one of the issues that need to stand in a precise manner . The most important and effective application that I developed a special massage is massage manipulations . I did it because cellulite massage, blood and lymph circulation, activates , a local excess in the body and rid the body of toxins that cause cellulite easier and makes the tissues with fresh oxygen .

    Subcutaneous blood circulation is activated , the revival of tissue is provided.Anti-cellulite massage while applying my regular , liquid, and if combined with a diet enriched with greenery cellulite is reduced to 99 % . Massage also body scientifically proven also delivers benefits : Bacteria and viruses which reduces the lymph system by increasing the immune system strengthening , calming effect of serotonin hormone to increase the pain against the effects of endorphins, the hormone secretion , increase relaxation allowing dopamine hormones increase and the stress hormone cortisol to reduce countable .With Cellulite Massage ; Which increases local circulation and lymph drainage massage maneuvering is provided by a decrease in volume of the fat cells . I develop under the skin with cellulite massage technique , deep layers of fat and muscle are affected. Each 45 - 60 minute sessions per week , which can be applied 2 or 3 times . So circulation is accelerated, oil breakdown of lymph drainage mobilization / transfer is provided, cellulitis skin image is changing , muscles become denser and regional thinning obtained edilir.kronik according to the state 10 after the session cellulitis skin image begins to improve or final results are obtained.

    Cellulite Massage Therapy and elimination of cellulite : - Lightweight hard manipulations : as the product of long years of work , a lot of methods and techniques for developing an originalwith the experience that I have implemented and blood circulation to speed up the bottom upwards (heart direction ) hard and printed movements (containing these movements never irritate the skin does not ) methods and techniques , this technique supports and cellulite for the carefully prepared vegetable oils with mixtures or based on skin type as oils applied I applied with a mixture of youth and reduce cellulite by up to 98% of people with great success when gidermekteyim.gerek I am using special oils . Three weeks I'll do 35 or 50 minute sessions with the study of evil in the third month of at least 50% of your cellulite will be spared . I made a special blended with vegetable oil completely eliminate your cellulite, cellulite massage , as will increase your blood circulation to your skin incredibly smooth you will get the opportunity to have a structure . For more fat with the same methods , you will get rid of wrinkles and cracks .

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